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Take-a-part spear shaft
Hi, I have a 6ft wooden (ash) spear shaft that often travels with me so I need to be able to take it apart in, say, two 3 ft sections. Any ideas? I've thought about cutting it in half, drilling a hole in each end of the cut parts and glueing dowels there and then just attaching them together. Then I've have to use a screw to secure the two pieces (into the inner dowel). Any other way or any dowel attachment pieces I could use to make this easier? Thx for any help.
Why do feel you need to take it apart? My spear is eight and a half feet long but I can get it into any car I have driven or had a lift to an event in. Simply feed it in through the back of the car so that it passes between the front seats and the head ends up resting in the front passenger foot space. Unless your car is excessively small, you should have no trouble closing the rear door.

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When I fly/ride train etc.,it needs to fit in a duffle bag.
When I needed to be able to do the same, I sank a threaded sleeve into one side and set a threaded rod in the other so that the two halves screwed together.
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Great idea, I don't suppose u would have a picture of that is would you?
Great idea! Thx much.

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