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WANTED: Milites for Clayton Museum opening in NEB
Amici, fratres, Romani...

Legio VI Victrix (CA, USA) will be hosting a special event to mark the opening of the Clayton Museum of Ancient History at York College in York, Nebraska, USA. The opening will be Saturday, September 12, 2015. We will be setting up a two-day encampment on the campus (Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13), including two leather contuburnium tents and our carroballista, Taurus Magnus. We will also be part of Yorkfest, a community-wide celebration that will involve a parade through town.

About 6-8 soldiers from Legio VI will be attending. If you are a Roman reenactor in the Midwest, we invite you to attend as well, show off your kit, equipment and impression, and proudly represent your unit!

The Clayton Museum will house the MARS (Museum of the Ancient Roman Soldier) collection of Roman military artifacts, including the famous Axel Guttmann "sad eyebrows" Gallic B helmet. It looks like it will be a fabulous, interactive display!

If you would like to attend, we can arrange overnight accommodations and meals for you. Please contact me (David Michaels, aka T. Flavius Crispus, president and centurio of Leg VI CA) at [email protected] or our media coordinator, Lorie Ann Hambly, at [email protected] if your have any interest in joining us.

Multas gratias!

T. Flavius Crispus / David Michaels
T. Flavius Crispus / David S. Michaels
Centurio Pilus Prior,
Legio VI VPF

"Oderint dum probent."

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