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Looking to join reenactment societies in Brisbane.
Hey I'm a Uni student in Brisbane looking for a reenactment society or club to join. I have a great interest in history and would love to join something, but in looking I've found little to nothing. So I was wondering if anyone here? Would be able to lead me in the right direction or to any pages that could be of help.

Thanks Big Grin
Hi Nathan,
There are a couple of groups in Brisbane.
The following site lists them.

I am based in Brisbane and involved in reenactment for over ten years and looking to start an Ancient Roman group.
Both Groups are worthwhile tracking down
Pax Romana do 1st Century Milites and Gladiators though they are trending towards medieval reenactment in recent years.
Mare Nostrum specialise in Ancient Greece and Republican Rome with the odd foray into Roman Theatre and usually do Italian themed shows and cultural events, including UQ.
RIFF (re-enactment for fun) are a multiperiod group who also do a spot of ancient stuff, particularly "wine, dine and recline" events.
Pavel Kalinov maintains his noble dream of establishing a Roman Farm or Village on the Gold Coast using authentic techniques.
I maintain a fb group called Ancients Australia where we post nerdy ancient stuff and advice and events
Get involved!!
Richard Robinson
Also in Brisbane and starting reenactment. Currently Roman, but might be getting a Teutonic getup together soon too.

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