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Cheek guards of the Gallic H
Salvete all,

Just wondering if anyone would recommend home solutions to loosening the joints on the cheek guard, so it isn't stiff, and actually goes with gravity.

On top of which, what would you all recommend for internal helmet lining? My Gallic H is a bit small for my head, but it has a little bit of room if I wear it without a liner. With a full blown liner; doesn't even fit.

Noah Fowler
Some helmet padding was just a few sheets of felt. That would take up little room but would still be comfortable. If it is way too small, then maybe you should get another helmet. I have heard that the Deepeeka Gallic A fits large heads.

Just trying to help, Jason
As far as your helmet liner there is another way around this by the drawing here, it is where you use very thin leather and shape four pieces and stitch the narrow ends so that a shoe lace can be put through them.
These only need to have a length that is two thirds from inner bowl edge to top point of bowl, you then glue the shaded one inch edges at the wide ends to the bottom inner edge of the bowl.
Then by adjustment of the lace you can raise or lower the helmet to where you need it, then as far as your stiff hinge you may have a bent hinge pin put on a hard surface and tap gentle with a hammer and this might release it a bit.

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Brian Stobbs

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