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Trailer for our upcoming exhibtion at Saalburg
The trailer for our upcoming exhibtion on ancient artillery at the Saalburg museum is ready:
Hope to see you there in summer 2015!

will need to take a trip there this summer,
maybe we can discuss an meet there (I am living in Celle)

both Artillery and Roman Footwear are in my interests so be prepared for a talk and have small sutor tend near by Smile
Martin, When does this exhibition start? I'll be in Frankfurt at the end of January.
I'm curious. How does the Kaiser feature in this?
Pecunia non olet
Hi all,

@Gelu: would be awesome to meet!
@Medusa: It starts July 3rd. See for more details.
@John: Well, the Kaiser, we tried and resurrect him, but no chance, all bones and ashes ;-) Seriously though, as you probably know the Saalburg was built with his support, finds were faked to impress him with the importance of the site and a number of artillery pieces reconstructions were attempted and shown to him. Some of these survive and will also be shown.

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