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Fight demo on Facebook
Really interesting video of two gladiators aggessively attacking with padded weapons. Sorry I can't find a Youtube version of this, so you will have to be FB users.

Note in the clinch all the 'around the back' slicing going on. Benefits of back armor and neck guards. I wonder if practice against the post included this type of reach.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
Thank you for sharing, I just uploaded the three fight videos from this demo on Flickr here:[email protected]/
To clarify here the comments concerning the two fights in Facebook:
Concerning the Essedarii:
There is actually to much aggressiveness in this fight, and it might have been better to use wooden simulators because padded ones do not create any threat to closing in. While red is pushing, even though he has better reach, blue is mostly backing up and gets in counters. Being mostly at close measure a lot of double hits and afterblows are landed on both sides, especially after 1:00 as blue does not retreat anymore and counters in tempo.

The Murmillo vs. Provocator
Starts out quite good for the first 40 seconds, with good footwork and shield work.
The first two hits by the Murmillo are quite clean.
After that the Provocator counters more, and since the Murmillo continues to push forward more double hits occur.

And the Milites:
Considering the head and face as a valid target, both fight more cautiously and at a proper measure,, allowing for better execution of technique.
Since red is more used to fighting with a visor he does leave his head open a lot at first though.
The last two exchange, after 1:00 are especially good, with some nice shield work involved. Red getting in a good downward thrust into the shoulder in the first exchange, while in the next exchange, black manages to slip the leg and comes back with an in time thrust in quart to neck.
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany
There is also a video from a school project we did this year, showing how the Essedarius fight would have looked like with wooden swords:
And this one on Facebook when we visited the Gladiators from Ludus Treverorum and other groups in Trier:
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany

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