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Show your gladius off!!!!!!!!!!!
This is for my Officer's Impression and based on Roman Sculpture for historical reference. Not necessarily "Historically Accurate" because there has not been one found in an archeological find.






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The swords posted before were made by myself, except the blades. You can see my work at http://www.facebook/oficinaavitiana.

The III century spatha was made in collaboration with Ancient Forge (Spain) and for the pommel and guard of the first century spatha i have used one made by
Very nice Patrick! I am guessing that you made the hilt yourself. Beautiful officer's sword. Does the sword have a bronze blade? The photos make it look like it has one.


Your work on the scabbards and hilts looks very good. You have many different ones, and all look great.
Thank you... It is a Steel blade.
The light kind of makes it look bronze, but that is just the light. The reality is that it is durable steel! Great job on it again, looks beautiful.
Here's my Al-hamdd Pompeii blade which I ground down for shape and weight. Also tinned the scabbard plates and had Patrick carve a hand made hilt out of old red maple and bone.

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"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones"

Looks very good. What Al-Hamdd model is it? Was it purchased form SOTW? On any sword, you can usually modify it to make it better. That has been done on this sword. The tinning looks great. Good work on the hilt Patrick!
It looks like the "Centurio" (which used to be the "Magnus") based on the scabbard.

Patrick is awesome with his sword hilts. Phenomenal work he does indeed.
I guessed either the Optio model or the Centurion, but the only way to tell is by the chape. Patrick did great work on that hilt!
Kevin, that is a lovely Len Morgan. I fortunately have one of his Pompeii types, and have heard he has stopped making them now.
I think Len stopped making them about 2 years ago. A fine bit of gear for £250 at the time, mine being purchased 4 years ago.
I purchased a spatha from Len at the end of last year, excellent work for the price. Its a shame if he is no longer making swords as that Mainz looks great.
David Webb

Len Morgan Pompeii Gladius, turns out was a worthwhile investment

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Very nice. Great decoration in the chape, properly cast and assembled instead of cut from sheet as on the Deepeeks products that they messed up. I wish that I owned a Len Morgan gladius, but I bought a Al-Hamdd instead.
Quote:properly cast and assembled instead of cut from sheet as

As an fyi, the originals that I have handled were made of sheet, hammered or punched and riveted together. and not cast. The only cast part was the knob tip.
Markus Aurelius Montanvs
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Roman Artifacts
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