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Hello everybody,
I am wondering if anyone here saw this diadem before in any sculpture or pottery in ancient Greece i can,t find any interpretation for them may be relate with god or goddesses or religion ?

note : the second vase some scholar said it depict woman not male but i didn,t agree with them and what is he wear ? Sphendone or helmet ?

thanks in advance

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May I ask why you think these are Greek? Do you have any more information on their archaeological context and date?
Moi Watson

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plastic vases from south italy in fourth century b.c but Imitates attic vases
Not too much more to add but a Google search brings up this information on the second image.

Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr
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What do you mean by diadem? Both items appear to be rhytons, which are ritual wine cups. They likely had ritual/relgious significance. Many rhyton were made in the shape of a beast's head. I have seen examples which are made to resemble a ram's head or a griffon, but human heads seem rarer. I have, however seen many aryballos (oil flasks) shaped as human heads. Below is a link to one also shaped as an african head.

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diadem is a type of crown, specifically an ornamental headband
i want to know interpretation of headdress on the heads of negro not the type of vase
I don't think the headgear on either of those pieces appears to represent a diadem of any sort, at least not as it appeared in the greek or italic world. If I had guess, I would assume that the artist was either trying to show a specific foreign article he had seen (perhaps worn by a traveling African merchant) or was otherwise just going for an exotic look, not based on any specific item.
I would note that the second rhyton shows a headdress with a spotted pattern. If I had to venture a guess id say it may be an abstract leopard skin. Skins of big cats are often tied to martial prowess, so it may show a warrior. That's really just a guess.
I'd bet there are some fora with a focus more on ancient Africa, and they may be able to help you out more. After a quick search I can't find any African art from the classical period that closely matches the double headband or the spotted hood.

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