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Interesting helmet?
Does anyone have an opinion about this guy's helmet? Would it be correct to label him a murmillo?


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Definitely a murmillo - big shield, straight sword, single, short greave. He's wearing one of the late, exaggerated helms that comes down to the shoulders and has a strange, high crest. I would like to see a profile picture of it. Gladiator helmets got more and more bizarre as time went on.
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john m roberts wrote:
Definitely a murmillo - big shield, straight sword, single, short greave.

I agree with john m roberts, is almost certainly a Murmillo
Concerning the helmet, the terracotta seems to represent - a little exaggerating - a helmet like the one housed at the Neues Museum in Berlin (dated 2nd century AD).


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ὁπλῖται δὲ ἀγαθοὶ καὶ ἀκροβολισταί (Strabo,IV, 6, 2)
I agree with the previous posters completely.
The Berlin helmet would put it in the 2nd to 3rd century.
I think the high ridge is supposed to show a feather crest or plumes at the side.
Anyway nice figurine that I had not seen before.
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Looks like the helmet usually used by ancient warriors such as gladiator if I am not wrong.

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