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Gladiatori book by Silvano Mattesini
I'm on holiday in Italy at present and while visiting the palatine hill site I picked up a glossy coffee table book on gladiators, unfortunately it's in Italian so I can't read the text but there are some very flashy looking reconstructions in it.
It's called Gladiatori by Silvano Mattesini (with credits to Paula Badesco and Marcella Mattesini). Published by Archaos.

There are a couple of interesting drawings inside with a few things I hadn't seen before, whether these are accurate or not I can't tell.

Anyone seen this book, is it just a glossy picture book or is it a fairly accurate tome.
It's also available in English, but I never did buy it as I think there're better reads on the subject as most looked like info published also in other books.
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I haven't heard about this book before so I checked on Google for a review, unfortunately couldn't find any. So I can't tell if it's good or not. :-(

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