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re hello
Hello Im Justin menges a firefighter from lexington N.C. I posted hello 2 years ago. I got caught up In ww2 reenactment. I have traded my ww2 kit for a Roman kit from a former member of the sixth. I'm gonna be making stuff and posting pics looking for a legion to join. I feel at home with all things roman and as a sacrifice to roman reenactment I have sold my m1 Thompson.
Looking forward to being on the field
Welcome Justin,

The tactics may be slightly different than in a WW2 re-enactment :grin: If you want some good accurate advice on what you need this is the best place on the net. There are some great people in here who know their Roman history to the nth degree (self not included).

The 6th Legion (VI Ferrata) is based out of Summerville, SC, and also NC.

Here is Rusty's Email if you want to contact him:

[email protected]
Thank you guys my i pad is about Roman army talked out. My plasma cutter is gonna get some work whit this many projects in one place. I'll contact the sixth legion soon Ill get my gear in the coming weeks. I'll contact then I want to hit the ground running.
Thanks a lot guys
Here, check this out to help with your gear:
Salve Justin, there is also Legio IX around Virginia Beach, and Legio XX in Washington DC area, a bit far bit we do have occasional interesting events.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
I ll probly go with the Legion vI I'm used to reenacting in South Carolina, Charlotte area with the 1st ID (sorry if that was off topic). I now have some coal for my forge I'm a farmer blacksmith that means I'm not a professional but we make everything we can. Thanks guys for the replies I'll have some pics up soon on my projects and I'll make pics of my gear I'm getting.
Quite a few of our guys come from NC, I live in the Charlotte area myself.
That sounds great I'll get in contact with Legion VI soon.

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