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Rome and Science-Fiction: It CAN be done
There is also this Japanese Manga (comic book) about a Roman who time travels to modern Japan and back again.

The book was made into a film that did well enough to spawn a sequel due out later htis year.

David Reinke
Burbank CA
Ahem (cough, cough) If I may toot my own cornu, my novels HANNIBAL'S CHILDREN and THE SEVEN HILLS are alternate history sci-fi about a world in which Carthage won the Second Punic War and Rome went into national exile in what is mostly modern-day Austria. The stories begin about 200 years later, when the Romans return to the Mediterranean for payback.
Pecunia non olet
So far I have read Myriad, Wolf Star, and Sagittarius Command, and they were all superb.
Hello, Vitruvius

A writer can't "rethink" a novel's ending. Once the error is made, it's there for all-time. :whistle:
Don't forget The Demon's Door Bolt, sci-fi in the year AD499.
Alan J. Campbell

member of Legio III Cyrenaica and the Uncouth Barbarians

Author of:
The Demon's Door Bolt (2011)
Forging the Blade (2012)

"It's good to be king. Even when you're dead!"
             Old Yuezhi/Pazyrk proverb

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