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Private messages being spammed
Before he starts asking all kinds of questions (like Evan suggests), it is perhaps usefull if he were to use the "search" function of the forum extensively first, as a good many products have been discussed before. Including helmets such as the infamous Trooper and their likes. My advise to him would be to see if he can fit into a niche segment not already extensively covered by manufacturers such as Deepeeka, DSC or Al Hammd.
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Evening All! First of all my sincere apologies for not answering this original post before now but sadly I have been away on business with no access to IT.

I have received a response - in fact four messages! - from the originator of the personal messages and it is clear he thought that engaging by personal message was a more polite way of introducing himself rather than use the board.

So I hope you will forgive a misunderstanding and my tardiness of reply.

I will close the topic as I think it would be wiser for everyone to start from a clean sheet.

As always, constructive comments on items offered by manufacturers are always welcomed but I would like you all to remember that for a good many of our Membership (not just manufacturers), English is not their first language and also that a written message is always open to interpretation depending on your personal mood; an error of syntax or grammar can change a message too, in error.

Please continue to show your usual high levels of patience and tolerance and try not to get personal!
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