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Virginia Junior Classical League convention Nov 24
Legio XX has just been enthusiastically re invited to the VJCL conference in Richmond Va. The VJCL is the largest junior classical league convention in the US, with 1800+ 8-12 grade Latin students from across the state. Legio XX, Legio IX and Legio III set up shop in the main hall and gave discamus (lectures) to hundreds of students. Our caupona was a much cited highlight, and a requirement of our return. Engagement with bright and motivated students is the main duty. For those interested, the VJCL pays for room at the Marriot next door and food, and Legio XX reimburses travel. If interested let me know. If further interested in giving a one hour lecture to 200 students and Latin teachers, speak up.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
Notes from vjcl this past weekend.

From all accounts this was a very successful event. This was our third time, and students, teachers and parents all said the Romans were one of the main reasons for attending. The attendance increased from 1700 last year to 2100 this year, perhaps because of us?


Even if we did not talk to the majority of students, they all appreciated seeing us and our displays which heretofore were only something in their books. Matt is right in emphasizing getting the impressions right the first time.

Hands on attracts students.

If we can think how to make bread there was a lot of interest in seeing that done with the flour they created.

The organizers consider us to be the subject matter experts, and we have total discretion over lecture topics.

We proposed six lectures, the preliminary agenda (which was wrong) had us down for two "TBD", and we actually gave ten lectures.

There were several calls for workshops, and I proposed arranging those for next year. We might arrange topics in advance, or use the "birds of a feather" ad hoc technique the professional conferences use.

We may have several recruits

We need more shoes: next fabrica will concentrate on making them.

Computer projectors were in short supply, possibly because the convention center got the same erroneous agenda we did. Handouts would be a good backup. Some of the rooms were too small as well.

The organizers also put all of us on the same floor at the Crowne Plaza, which led to a raucous party Saturday night.

Our new member Giuseppina the geoarchaeologist, gave two lectures on the World Beneath Rome.

Matt, Quint, Dan, Richard and Marc Nucup gave three lectures total on the Roman Army.

Dan, I and Lynn gave two lectures on the technology of Rome, but we were hampered by not having the projector. there were only 20 chairs with 150 sitting on the floor for both of our lectures.

Deb and Marc L gave one lecture on Celts

Steve Peffley gave the other lecture on Celts that got a great review from an academic who attended

Allison, Deb, and all the Cunninghams gave a wonderful lecture on Roman civilians, with little Will stealing the show.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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