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Has anyone read Reconstructing Ancient Linen Armor
I am mostly in the Roman Army Talk forum.

Seeking to reconstruct a subarmalis for Roman Armor
with petrugis would the Romans have learned from the
Greeks in making the petrugis that hang on the shoulders and at
the belt line above the knees, defenses?

I have found this title:
Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor
by Gregory S. Aldrete

Has anyone read and reviewed the book?

Geoffrey Ives
The Search function is your friend

If you want to make a subarmalis with ptyruges then Granger-Taylor's article in Wearing the Cloak will probably be more useful. Linen armour and linen arming garments are completely different.

Has anyone tried making a subarmalis using a thick twined weave?
Author: Bronze Age Military Equipment, Pen & Sword Books

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