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Masturbating in the theater?
My brother has recently a novel on Vespasian by Robert Fabri!
In the book is a passage about the public all whom out of the sudden masturbate while watching gladiatorial fights in the colliseum or amphiteater!
And he was asking me if this really happened back in those times, and I didnt know what to answer!

Now I know that Fabri is probably monetising on the succes of Spartacus and Hbo Rome so it is probably bullshit, but I still would like to hear your input?
It sounds like Mr Fabbri might have been inspired by this book:

Caligula - Divine Carnage

...which isn't exactly History as most people understand it! One Amazon reviewer calls it a weird mixture of slavering schoolboy smut, inane psychobabble and ponderous moralising... and also (I quote) absolute crap.

Nathan Ross
That's not polite behavior in any century, eh? :?
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
I can think of better venues.....Smile
C'mon people be honest with yourself-who was never masturbate while watching gladiator games :grin: ?
Gentlemen- decorum, please...
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