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Full contact Hoplite fighting
In short I'll try to put here the main rules.

Every man have 1 hit point on body. If he is striked here, he "dies".
If a person is striked to the hand, or leg, he is 'wounded" - The striked hand or leg doesn't work (you can hold the shield with wounded hand for example, or walk without somebody's help if you was striked in your leg) that person can protect himself, or escape the battle to the camp, where he would be healed for some time.

The combat zone is full except face, neck, palms, feet, balls and head if there is no helmet on person for blows/
except everything higher than clavicle level, palms, feet, balls for piking and shooting

Steel armor gives absolute protection on what it covers
Chainmail gives absolute protection, except shooting (against arrows and shooted javelins it gives +2 add. hitpoints: for 2 shots it protects, 3 shot = death)
Leather, linen armor gives + 2 hitpoints.

The thing is that armor and weapon must be adopted to this system.
For example, most of the helmets and armor sold in the Internet, are of very thin metal and would not protect you from a simple blow. Helmet must be made from min. 1.5-2mm good steel or bronze and have thick felt or padded hat under it.
Armor must be strong anouth and must have some amortization under it.

Weapon must have min. thickness about 1.5-2mm on it.s cutting edge. Spike = 5 mm min.rounded.

Two handed spears, above all, have such protection variant with leather head

For one handed spears, which also used as javelins, we use something like this Better to padd it with felt or woolen pieces, without ANY iron parts in the spearhead.

Of course people who use this way of combat, have to know well what they are doing: be properly trained whith weapon and adequate.
Lovchikov Andrey. "ANABASIS" reanactment society, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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