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Newstead 1911 - 2011
The full title follows Curle's original title of "A Roman Frontier Post and its People". Edited by Fraser Hunter and Lawrence Keppie it is a series of papers published by National Museums of Scotland. I have only read the first few papers - it arrived today and I have sat and read it since I opened it!! - and I have torn myself away to commend it already.

The photography (black and white) is excellent, both aerial pictures and of the finds (although limited; but this a book of papers, not a finds catalogue). The illustrations are of an equal quality and all in all it is a marvellous addition to my library (particularly as it brings the welcome news of a series of monographs on the categories of finds "imminently").

My only niggle is the lack of foot notes as they are gathered at the end of each paper. I am sure from a publication perspective it is more aesthetically pleasing to do it this way and avoid a higgedy piggeldy bottom margin, but it does get a little irritating turning pages to and fro to check the references. A very good point to balance this, however, is a full bibliography after each paper

But the foot notes are a small fault in a beautifully presented book which I think achieves its aim in being a suitable celebration of Curle's work and achievements.
Moi Watson

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