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Greek camp
Hi, I'm trying to find more information about greek camp items.

What would you find in a typical (Spartan) greek encampment? I'm talking about the 7th century bC.
What tools would there be, what would be the material: bronze, iron?
Often we see a lot of iron material like pots and cooking material, was this in use at that time?
What kind of furniture would there be? Stools, beds, sleeping rolls,...?

Would such an encampment have flags or banners or is this a complete hollywood invention?
Would the commanding officer have a (leather) map is this something simply put not realistic...

Thing is, I would like to have a correct looking encampment at historical events. I've found a bit of information regarding encampments but not much.

Thx for you knowledge!!
Polemarch of the Spartiates: Aegiadae

Flags and banners appear in the Hellenistic Age way later than the time frame you have in mind.
Spartans had access to good iron from Pelana.
Utensils in the Royal house hold might still be bronze but others would most probably made of iron.
7th century means mostly fighting your neighbors.
Plutrach says that Lycourgos set up camp rules and camp fortification.
Consider that these guys treated Iliad like the Gospel. Homer mentions perimeter pickets ans early warning patrols so they most probably used them

The important tents were the King's, the Herald's, (The herald would also execute bugler's duty) and the Sheer's/soothsayer's. Probably they would be marked by their respective shields being that the entrance of the tents Contemporary art shows folding stools and folding tables. Tripod with coal might be in the tents. Maps are very debatable subject. Sleeping rolls animal skins but probably no beds.

Hope I helped.

Kind regards
Thank you for the information, so from what I got, flags and banner are a no go.
Cooking tripod in iron is acceptable same goes for pots. Another thing I could use are amforas and statues to give my camp that typical greek look. Folding tables and stools are ok. Ditch the beds and go for sleeping rolls. Probably I should use a lot of hides and animal skins. Oil fires would also be ok. If theres anything else I forget pls add to the list Smile
Polemarch of the Spartiates: Aegiadae

Better get a cheap replica of a bronze tripod (museum copy if you can).

There museum exhibits showing iron spits for cooking meat or fish but also the cooking place was made from a clay rectangle with clay bars.

Online photo from the Agora Museum in Athens will give insight on cooking utensils of the era
Some of them are in late Peter Conolly books

Have a look in this site too

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