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How to not be spam
Our upgraded forum has two new anti-spam features that together seem to keep unwanted visitors out. So far, these measures seem to be very effective. There have been hundreds of attempted spambot registrations and logins - this is the first check - and the few that have slipped through have not managed to post anything - the other part of this defensive system.
Members do need to realize that it is very difficult for automated systems to figure out on the fly who is a spammer and what is not spam. The registration/login check actually evaluates your email address and IP address against databases of known spammers. Oddly enough, some legitimate members are actually in those with single mentions, so I set the threshold a little higher to prevent them from being blocked. If you find yourself blocked out of the forum, you are apparently evil and need to write me an email at jasper *AT* to get yourself fixed (and you'll have to convince me you're not actually evil in the process).

The other feature uses a Bayesian algorithm to determine whether a post is spam and is actually self-learning. That's to say that by telling it which false-positives are actually okay, it'll get better at figuring this out in the future. However, in the meantime you can prevent yourself being considered spam by not JUST posting an image or youtube link. The system is more likely to believe you if you describe what you're posting with just one or two sentences. Another sure way to load suspicion on yourself is by using sloppy links with very little else in your post. By a 'sloppy link' I mean a plain hyperlink in the middle of your sentence. E.g.:
Quote:I'm going to this show:

It looks much better if you post:
Quote:Our group is going to be at the Kelmarsh show on July 20 and 21.
Code for that is:
Our group is going to be at the [url=]Kelmarsh show[/url] on July 20 and 21.
You can of course also use the link button in the editor.

If you find yourself getting a message that your post has been considered spam, please don't keep trying to resubmit your post. You aren't going to change a computer's mind by being persistent! Instead, scoot me an email or better: revise your post!


Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
I should note that if there's a setting that allows you to limit its effects to a certain number of posts and below, we could try that.

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