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Topics and posts for new members

a lot of spam is taking place on RAT. Is kind of annoying for us, and even more for moderators.
From experience, I know that is no easy solution out there, specially with english forum.

But maybe, if RAT forbids new members to post new topics within 24h, or more than 2 in a row, it could be a relief?
These kind of spam is based on automated bots mostly, who search for open forums like this one. Another solution would be changing the URLs for creating a new user and/or new posts/topics.

Hope that helps!
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Hi Jori
We're working on a better solution for the spam-issue, and one that has the least disadvantages. The best one, upgrading the site/forum, is a short while off yet while we're working on a new template/layout. Once done, the upgrade should be fairly easy and provide us with a range of better ways to combat these pests.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Keep up the good work! * thumbs up *
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