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Omphalatos armor ?

In " The Carthaginians 6th-2nd Century BC (Osprey Elite 201)" of Salimbeti&D'Amato (a text full of imprecision, IMHO), I read about an armor called "Omphalatos", that appeared to be cited in Julius Pollux "Onomasticon" (I, 135), that should be also represented in a bronze statuette of a Carthaginian warrior founded in Sicily.

The armor is descrived by the authors as a thorax (in linen or in leather) reinforced with "round metallic bosses" (p.10).
Actually the statuette (p.13) shows something that COULD be like that, but is a drawing and not a photograph -.-

Do you have any reference of this "Omphalatos" ? Actually I can't find Pollux text -.-

Thank you in advance
Gioal Canestrelli "Caturix"

- -

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