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Armoured runners?
I wasn't sure whether or not to put this in the sports section, so I'll just post it here.

Anyways, I have an intriguing curiosity. Is there any record that running or endurance events in the Hellenistic (or even Roman) world included the use of armour? You know, things like greaves, helmets, shields, and cuirasses being used by the athletes. A bit of a challenge. I haven't found much at all concerning this.

If anyone could guide me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. I'm planning on doing a lengthy run between Banff and Kimberley (look them up, they're nice Canadian towns). This is about a three hour drive through the mountains. It's to be in my complete panoply, but I've still to find a cause to run for.
Oh, yes.

Quote:Damaretos of Heraia, his son and his grandson each won twice at Olympia. Damaretos won at the sixty-fifth Olympiad, when the race in armour was held for the first time, and also at the following olympiad. His statue shows him with the shield, that is also carried in our time, with a helmet on his head and greaves on his legs. These were removed from the race in course of time both by the Eleans and by the other Greeks.

Pausanias, Description of Greece, 6 10, 4

However, I believe this changed over time. I'm not sure how the racing in armour evolved.
David J. Cord
Yes, you can find information about the hoplitou dromos (ὂπλίτου δρόμος "run of a fully-armed man") in most books on Greek sport. I think that it was a short race.

If you can do an endurance run in full kit you will win much kleos!
Nullis in verba

I left this forum around the beginning of 2013, but I hope that these old posts have some value
The hoplite race was the main contest in Greek Athletics.

I have run 200 yards wearing full in 2006 with lata Paul Allen (He was 53 anf won the race!)

I have run full reconstruction in Nemea 2008 under the supervision of Prof Steven Miller.
We ran 400 yards with helmet shield and chiton

I have run in full armo again in Biscupin Poland in September 2011

In Olympic, Pythian, Isthmian and Nemean games the Ancient Greeks run with helmet and shield. Grieves were gradually abandoned.

In the funeranry games in honour of the dead at Platea its was in "full gear" and if you wan and wanted to re-run next period you had to swear that if you did not win again you would be executed!

I have written a full article in Greek on the subject.

I have it in English for every foreign editor who is interested.

Kind regards

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