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Lorica segmenta
If you want to be just a slinger, I would not recommend segmentata at all
Quintus Furius Collatinus

That's why I decided against it for ease of movement and more mobility. At one point I may buy a lorica hamata. I am mainly focusing on auxiliary. Kind of off topic but I would appreciate it if some one could post pictures of some auxiliary shield patterns.
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Depends on unit/location/era.....there is a thread running on shield patterns. Use the search button to obtain the info.
I would agree, go the extra cost for quality. I made the mistake of grabbing up the first Seg I could afford. I wore it a couple times while doing some light fighting, and it literally began falling apart as I moved.
I now have a "thing" that somewhat resembles a Seg, held together by Gorilla tape, sitting on an armor stand in my son's room.
All my haste to buy armor got me, was no armor, and out 120 bucks.
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John Pruitt
Quote:I'm talking about the balearic auxiliary slingers. They had a tunic, cloak, pugio, their slings, and ammunition, as far as I know
My point was if Roman legionaries wearing segenmtata used slings then the armour can't have been too restrictive.
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Quote:How's that for timing. I started a topic on that yesterday with a link.

Ah yeah that's it! He's a good guy, works up at NASA as a rocket scientist.

If you make one yourself it will fit better, the pre-made ones tend to leave gaps in the chest, which wouldn't have been a good thing in Roman Times.
Not to go off topic or anything, but does anyone have a consensus on the Manning Imperial and Armae "laminata"?

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