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anyone know where I can find really good ebooks to download for free?
David C
David J. Cord
lol nothing is for free in this world
first of all depends on which kind of books you would like.
look in the forums there are some free resources available posted by other members
I bought an ereader and i'm mostly just looking for good books to put on it for reading/referencing.
David C
Hi, try
you will have to pay to join but you have either 24 hr,monthly or annual access. Depending on how fast your PC is you could go for 24 hr access for about $9 and download as many as you can in that period. Most are free but good range of books and articles including most Osprey titles, classical writers and history titles. Lots of stuff on Roman or Greek history. If you are like me and only read English you have English only option but even books on Chinese armour which I don't understand but archeologist's drawings are excellent. that's one example only but lots of others. I know it's not free but it is fairly cheap. Most titles are in PDF format.
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr
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