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Existing threads \"Bumps\"
Thanks to David for "kicking" these these threads into possible conclusions. There are a lot of 1 off threads that need "bumping" along if poss.
I suppose we could all give the moderators a hand by bumping "lost threads" we come across to see if they spark new interest or may be removed. Or even by reviewing our own. Not much trouble and it takes the pressure of those few souls working hard to keep this forum an agreable place. Laudes to the moderators :woot: !
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Robert P. Wimmers
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Suddenly have a vision of Sophie Loren "singing" with Peter Sellars
Moi Watson

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Bump.................................. Confusedmile:
I bumped a few this morning from the "unanswered posts" list. Those that looked like individuals were selling off personal kit, or questions that were probably overlooked by folks. I didn't dig too deeply.
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