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Thracian Helmet
Hello folks

I'm currently seeking out images for a reconstruction of a Thracian helmet c.460BC. I found a couple of a find that's in the British Museum and the BM on-line catalogue has two other images that show additional details (such as features of the 'crest' or ridge that is raised from the bronze).
Would anyone have other images of that piece, or images of other Thracian helmet finds? This is the only one I have found so far from trawling the net.
Alternatively, does anyone who may have inspected this piece have any thoughts about its construction that might assist me when it comes to commissioning a replica?
I have also been looking at some of the better vase paintings of these(such as my favourite, of a warrior departing by the Achilles painter).
The images of the BM find also beg the question as to how a horsehair crest would be attached to the 'crest' on the helmet.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.


Peter MacKinnon
Currently Sydney Ancients
formerly (1979+) AMMAS

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