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Dacian helmets depicted as trophies.
I keep coming across old copper plate engravings of Dacian trophies from Roman monuments, but I am curious to see the original carvings that they are based on. These 18th C engravings are supposedly composite images of elements taken from the cubic base of Trajan's Column. Does anyone have or know where I can find photos of the relevant sculpture?

[Image: pira-trajan-arm1.jpg]
[Image: pira-trajan-arm2.jpg]

How big/detailed? both these pages on have pics of the pedestal sides:

Old Photos:

More Recent

more links here:

"And the four bare walls stand on the seashore. a wreck a skeleton a monument of that instability and vicissitude to which all things human are subject. Not a dwelling within sight, and the farm labourer, and curious traveller, are the only persons that ever visit the scene where once so many thousands were congregated." T.Lewin 1867

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