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Historic Paint
Hi guys,

for our next event we will cooperate with the exhibition "Bunte Götter" ("Gods in Colour"), where they reconstructed the colourful ancient Greek sculptures.
Our focus in the event will be historic methods for painting and fabric dying, so yesterday I started a series of experiments where I will be trying different mixtures for historic paint based on earth pigments. Basically we mix a paint and try it out on a few surfaces and hopefully draw conclusions from the results. In our first try we used a mixture of linseed oil, egg, and water as the base and tried it on marble, wood, linen, and copper. The short results are: works great on the first three, doesn't work on copper. For more detailed description check out the following post:

If you want me to try different materials or have any suggestions for base substances etc. feel free to ask. If it is not too exotic/expensive, I will test it.

Here are a few photos:




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Perdikkas a.k.a. Thorsten Schillo

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