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Where to put information on workshops etc
Where would be the appropriate place to put details on workshops being offered that would be of interest to RAT members?

I'm not talking just of my rather superb workshops :wink: but others that members may hear of. Apart from history specific artisans I can think of a number of contemporary artists who are very good in their modern work but who also have no problem in covering the historical aspect.

For example, I have been emailed a flyer for a chap in Spain who I used to buy my Terra Sigilatta from. He was trained by his father and now supplies a number of museums in Spain. He's running a weeks workshop specifically on creating terra sig.
Also I've booked on a glass making course with a very experienced craftsmen and when I spoke to him about recreating Roman glass he said 'no problem, you can do some on the course'.

Then of course if anyone goes on the courses they can write a review for other members to see if it is worth doing.
Lawrence Payne

Asking me to tile your bathroom is like asking Vermeer to creosote your shed ;-)

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