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Scales for Corinthian Helmet
Thinking of adding scales to the top of my bronze Corinthian helm from DSC, along with painting the face of the helm black, as in seen in various vase paintings. The paint was not a problem, but having difficulty locating small round brass or bronze scales, found some 3/4" brass discs but they are $1.61 each, plus an extra .45 each for punched holes (I could drill the holes myself, of course), considering that I will need 200-300 scales that would be relatively expensive, actually more than the bronze helmet. Anyone know of any vendors that could supply these? Bearing in mind that typical scales for armour are too large, I will need small round or perhaps teardrop shaped scales..

Thanks Confusedmile:

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Mark Hayes

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Either cut them yourself or ask DSC for their help. Maybe they can custom cut them for you?
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