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Good Books on Roman/Greek Horse Riding?
Just looking for a good book on ancient Roman and/or Greek horse riding. Anyone got a good one they can advise to me?

I did find this one, it's the best I can find, and probably covers the area I want, but I'm looking for a book that is hopefully more specific on the ancient era. If it has info on other european, african or west asian cultural riding history, thats a mega bonus 8)

EDIT: I also found this one, and it's on my list of books to get (at the top of the list Big Grin ).

If you are looking for horsemanship rather than cavalry, Ann Hyland the obvious author who springs to mind.

"Equus" covers the horse in the roman world, "The Horse in the Ancient World" covers the Greeks, Macedonians and Persians (as well as earlier cultures, while "The Medieval Warhorse" also has quite a lot of interest because it covers the Eastern Roman empire and the successor kingdoms in the West. Her "Training the Roman Cavalry" is specifically military. All collected here at the "Ann Hyland" page at Amazon. She is a professional horsewoman so knows the animal well, and I thought they were all very readable.

There is Anderson on Greek horsemanship (based on Xenophon):

If you are interested in cavalry rather than horsemanship, there are several books:

Dixon & Southern, Roman cavalry (1st-3rd C AD):

On the Greeks, various titles:


Greeks generally:

And a general history of ancient cavalry:

Thanks for all those, much appreciated Smile
I wouldn't recommend Ann Hylands books on ancient cavalry. There is much better stuff around.

On Roman Cavalry you should start (in my opinion) with Dixon & Southern, Roman cavalry. If you're more interesting in horsemanship the best (and only) work I would recommend is Annelies Koolen her forthcomming PhD thesis 'On horses and Man' on Xenophon and the Athenian Cavalry. (If I'm right Annelies has some copies left of her Thesis which you can order from her directly for 15 euro excl. shipping; she's here on RAT with the username Quadripes)

Unfortunately there is no 'Roman' equivalent of this sofar.
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I would have a look at the MA thesis of Carolyn Willekes (University of Calgary, 2006) and her forthcoming PhD thesis (University of Calgary, probably 2013). The core of her work is on types of horses available in the ancient world, and what they were good for. But we are in the same department so I am biased.
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