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collyrium sticks
As I'm currently working on a Medicus-display for our group I'm trying to recreate collyrium eye-salve sticks.<br>
Apparently that's shaped starch with some medication like lead-white in it.<br>
Before I start reinventing the wheel I would like to ask if anybody ever tried that before.<br>
And to what amount of succes and with what recipe.<br>
Thanks a lot,<br>
Cordvs <p></p><i></i>
I've recreated collyrium sticks, but I used beeswax. I put a question to the The Staff of the Serpent - History of Medicine Group ( about using beeswax and got this reply:<br>
"Though I`m no wandering occulist but only a general practitioner and I`m not<br>
able to give you the main substance, in which the medical substances are<br>
incorporatet, I can quote the examination, which was done upon a `kollyrium´<br>
found in Köln. This chemical examination determined as main components: lead,<br>
mandrake, fatty acids and arnica.<br>
The detection of fatty acids would indeed support the presumption, that<br>
the medical substances were incorporatet in wax, as long-chain fatty acids are<br>
besides others ( waxes are usually complex mixtures of compounds ) a main<br>
component of wax.<br>
I hope that this short statement could help you.<br>
Medicus Leg.VI.VIC, Oppladen"<br>
So beeswax would fit OK. Not wanting to use any toxic components, as I allow the public to handle the sticks, I just added saffron to the beeswax, which is a soothing eye wash type-thing.<br>
Viventia Medica<br>

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