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First drawing attempts Please give input
I popped out a couple of drawings for blade construction dimensions. I mainly worked on gladius blades in a standard type configuration. It seems there are no mechanical drawings anywhere so I thought "Why not?"

Here are a couple that I had drawn. Could any of you with more expertise than me have a look and let me know if I have an acceptable style here as well as critique my text explanations)? I was just attempting a general shape as a guideline for someone who would like something generally accurate other than the available photos and rough sketches.

I output them as PDF files but can provide then in Autocad drawing format when I think they are acceptable. (this may should have been posted elsewhere)

Okay I have a problem here. Attachment won't attach. I have attached the links now so hoping they may function okay

Don't know where the attachment went. Trying again

[attachment]Pompeii Blades A1.pdf[/attachment]

Attachments driving me mad lol
Hi Jim
Did you try uploading the PDFs (not the most obvious choice for images?) from your harddrive, or from that media sharing site?

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Uploaded from my hard drive. always returns with "file not found" even though I located it on the drive and it linked. Chrome crashed on me so had trouble with these links as well.... gawd

Used the links above and they do work though it takes a long time to finish. I had to be very patient. Try them and see if they open for you please sir.
Well, the links work perfectly fine. If you want to try again, save the images as Jpgs (somewhat compressed) and try to attach those.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
In my experience trying to save PDF or CAD drawings as jpegs turns them into total pixelised rubbish. I can put out the actual CAD drawings but not everyone can open those where most people can open and print PDF. Glad to see the links are working at least. I hope someone can give them a read and see if they need fixing
Keep trying Jim. I want to see those drawings.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Hi Robert. The PDF file links above are working if you want to try opening them and have a look.

These are incomplete really as I hope to add the hardware as well in the future.
attempting to link a PDf again.
This drawing is a composite if you will. Please open the PDF and see if I am historically accurate with what I've put in my drawing.

Once I have the drawing suitably done I will put these out in DXF or DWG format



Okay once again it didn't work aaarrrggg

Link to Pompeii Gladius drawing
Pompeii gladius PDF file
A couple drawings recently done. Please take a few minutes and download the PDfs and let me know if you see any errors in what I have made and I will be happy to correct them. It could take a couple of minutes to download. Please be patient.

Gladius and Mainz

Basic Blade Geometries

- I wouldn´t mix measurement systems on one page. (mm fr the drawings and inches in description)
- Your blades are way too thick (6mm). Such a maximum thickness would be at the tip only, but not along the blade.
Cheers! C.
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


[Image: BannerAER-1-1.jpg]
Hi Jim!

The triangular tip of the pompeii type gladius is a bit too short, they were usually a bit longer...
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Although Miks is NOT very informative on blade thickness, Matt Lukes is very convinced a spine thickness of 6 mm or more is correct. Also, this is supported by the cross section drawings in Miks. But I have also seen much less thick ones, so there is not really an absolute truth in this.
Salvete et Valete

Nil volentibus arduum

Robert P. Wimmers
Archeologie Beleven!
>  (The NEW Fabrica of Vvlpivs!)
Thanks for all the input. I guess I need to explain some of my reasonings.

Many of the the measurements I have made are from multiple sources and where possible I have tried to make an average. I know that finds vary greatly so while a dimensions is so-and-so on one find it may be different on another. I agree caiusbeerquitius that I need one set of measurements just haven't done it yet as millimeters are easier to work with so I will convert everything to millimeters most likely.

Blade length is optional as stated from 18-23 inches.

Blade width for a gladius approximately 2 inches.

Blade thickness I have read many places to be roughly 1/4 inch on a Pompeii and Mainz so that would be about 6mm. were they commonly thinner? I didn't make the compound point found on some samples.

The blade point length I put on the Pompeii is similar to what is on my own and very like my Deepeeka.
Would a longer point shorter than a Fullham be more common?

The actual tang design I have found to vary greatly so just came up with some that will work (in my general opinion) How do these look to you?

Also the shape of my Mainz is what I estimated from images and descriptions. Any opinions on the overall size and shape of this blade? I happen to be doing this one as my next project.

again thanks greatly for the input from all of you


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