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Some basic questions
Hi guys, just starting a group up and have some basic questions.

1) Were linen/cloth tunics used for warmer climates? And if so a good source for these.
2) Do you guys wear subarmalis's under your lorica as it becomes very uncomfortable after an hours wear...
3)Were bracelets very common on legionaries?

Appreciate the help!
First, welcome!

Second, I'm assuming that you are looking to recreate a first century Roman group?

Linen was worn, and a first century tunic is dead easy- basically a large rectangle doubled with openings for neck, and arms ( and legs of course.) . Best source will depend on where you are.

Yes, please wear a subarmalis under a seggie-this will get the "sit" of the armour right.

And, yes, bracelets can be worn.

Have fun!

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Awesome thanks for that
Somewhere on RAT there is a thread about tunic dimensions, but here's what I do:
Width of rectangle is the distance between the bulges on the forearms (arms outstretched as if to be crucified). The length is from the side of the neck down to the upper calf. The arm holes are about 10" (25cm) wide, and the neck hole is large enough that you can fit your right arm through and have the tunic "Greek style"--that is, with the right arm and shoulder exposed,

To take up the excess in the neck hole, pull up a "tail" in the back center until the neck is comfortable, and tie it with a short string of yarn or leather. When done in this way and belted, you will have a tunic that drapes like the ones you see on the various sculptures. Yes, it will be huge by our standards, but that's how they evidently wore them.

There's not much sewing, really, and if you use the selvage of the material for the hem you can avoid stitching around the bottom edge. Some material is just the right size for some people that you can use the selvage at the top and the bottom. Be sure to add a couple of reinforcing stitches at the neck seam, as that's where it tends to tear out.

Good luck! and send us a photo or two!
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