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Link nicked from another board. No pictures provided, but some mosaics with gladiators are mentioned:<br>
Sander van Dorst<br>
Index of threads<br>
Glossary of terms<br>
Finding online references</p><i></i>
Wow! When do we get to see pictures of these mosaics? I'm especially intrigued by the "intricately patterned trousers." It must be a Thracian or hoplo, since they are the ones who seem to wear some sort of tights. <p></p><i></i>
This is definately in the nature of a tease.

"We have these great images, and you don't get to see them. Ha HA"

My 5 year does the same thing. I should be used to it.
>|P. Dominus Antonius|<
Tony Dah m

Oderint dum metuant - Cicero
Si vis pacem, para bellum - Vegetius

Here is a weird one. It's from the roman villa at Nennig, Germany.
Proof that the classic blue jumpsuit used by auto mechanics all over the world is a roman invention... :lol:
Seriously: those boys fight with wips, a padded manica and a parrying stick. And they are definitely dressed funny for the period (IIIrd century CE). This is the only mosaic of this kind and I wonder if there is any mention of this type of combatant in the ancient written sources.


This one too shows the "jumpsuit" type of dress worn by a proud bestiarius.
Pascal Sabas
Those are called paegniarii. They fought warmup bouts to keep the crowds amused before the real fights at the games. We would consider guys fighting with sticks and whips to be pretty serious. To Romans, they were comic relief. I'm sure Sander can come up with plenty of quotes referencing them.
Pecunia non olet
Thanks for the answer Smile
Meanwhile, I found this. To figure out the kind of beasts the bestiarii were pitted against.. well sometimes.

500 pounds, ten feet in lenght... BIG teeths, BIG claws...
Extinct in the wild. The last one was shot in 1922.
Pascal Sabas

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