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new greetings!
Hello to all. I have finally taken the time to register with the group and looking forward to many conversations with fellow members. I am currently constructing most of the kit for a Roman General, handmaking all including a Gladius. I have many years of military service and law enforcement and retired as a Federal officer three years ago. Please drop me a line if you have time and help me get acquainted with all of you and your interests.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Welcome Robert. Can't wait to see your stuff
"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones"

Thanks for the welcome Jay. I will have to get use to being a recruit again. I had that title almost 50 years ago, but rose quickly through the ranks.
I will share a photo of my kit when completed, but I expect a while to go yet, as I am just starting the finishing work on the Galea (Gallic G type) and the Gadius (Pompeii style). A lot of hours and many sore fingers! I would appreciate any help in getting up to speed with the Legion. Thanks again.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Hi Robert, and welcome to a great site. Look forward to your posts on how you're getting on with making all your gear.
Ben Kane, bestselling author of the Eagles of Rome, Spartacus and Hannibal novels.

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Thanks Ben. I hope I will have something to contribute to the group in the future.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Hello Robert, much luck at reconstruction. There are lots of pictures here on RAT even of tribunes,legates and generals.
So keep posted on your work.
aka Jos Cremers
member of CORBVLO
Thanks for the info. I researched a long time before I struck my first piece of metal. I have also been fortunate to find local sources of the materials I needed. Looking forward to being a part of the RAT.
Manius Acilius Italicus


Welcome to RAT and I do take a bit of interest from where you mention that you are considering being a Roman General, I have to say that I have made Roman armour and equipment for over 30 years until I retired from all that.
I would like to point out that should you desire to make a muscle cuirass it is better to make a short one as per this one in a museum at Cagliari Sardinia. This one is from a statue of Drusus for as a General or Commander one needs to be able to sit a horse.
Here are some pic's of one that I made many years ago for the late Doug' Arnold who was the Commander of the 2nd Avgvsta here in England, with of course a picture to show why a short one is better.

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Brian Stobbs
Hi Robert,
Welcome, took me ages to get all my stuff sorted but never give up is the name of the game.

I never aspired to being much more than a trooper, keeping all that brass clean is not for a para, its much more fun getting it dirty than polishing, paperwork and cocktails in the mess.

Apparently Tacitus reckons I killed a General in AD69, in a revolt. However while admittedly a bit revolting it wasn't me honest.

Can't wait to get on the field in Holland this weekend.
Sulpicius Florus

(aka. Steve Thompson)

"What? this old Loculus? had it years dear."
"Vescere bracis meis" (eat my shorts)
Brian you must be reading my mind. That is exactly the armor I had in mind and infact I already have the steel ready to be pounded out. Keep me in mind, as I will post my finished products as I complete each one and let me know what you think of them. Today I am grinding on my Galea and maybe will get to finish grinding down the Gladius I have (I work on several projects at the same time to keep it from getting boring. I didn't want to spend a fortune on my kit, so as of now I am probably five times over into it than I would be buying some of the junk I have seen online, not even counting the tremendous number of hours of work. I would like to assist and advise any new (or possibly veteran) troops who want to construct their own equipment. There is nothing like looking at a premium product and knowing that you made it with your own hands.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Thanks for the greetings. My kit manufacturing goes and and well I might add. I have also been a field trooper and learned from the bottom up. One thing I learned in both military and law enforcement training was to "Never give up or you die"! I have practiced that all of my adult life and still here.
As for that General in AD69, maybe he needed to be purged. I have served under many really bad officers who I thought should have been drummed out of the service.
I am half Italian and the other half Scottish and English and have found ancestors in practically every war I can find records on. I guess it is in the blood.
Have a great time in the field this weekend and send some photos. Wish I were there.
Manius Acilius Italicus
It may very well be true what you say about officers for when I was in the military there was a saying, that you will make many acquaintances but very few friends, and will meet many officers but very few gentlemen.
Brian Stobbs
To those words of wisdom, I can only say amen!
Manius Acilius Italicus

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