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Peter Connolly
Quote:]Sad news, but lets celebrate his wonderful achievements.
Well said. His "children's book" The Roman Army (1975) made an ancient world enthusiast of me, when I was 13 years old! Thank you, Peter. Gone but never forgotten.
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Sad news, and condolences to his family. I can't add anything to what has already been said, except that I would bet that in 2050 and beyond we will still be reading and enjoying his books and illustrations. And that itself is a form of immortality.
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Did anyone get a chance to see the obituary? Can they copy and paste it here, or provide a link to the local paper?
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We stand with the family in this hour of grief.

May the peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding, comfort the hearts and minds of the bereaved family.

Remembering his remarkable contributions we salute the departed soul.
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Thank you so much Mr.Connolly,for you introduced me into the wonderful world of ancient times reconstructions as well as to my love of history.
Sad to see you go Peter but you will always be with us
Vale Magister :|
Sad news. Sad His books started my love for Roman history...
Very sad news. His drawings are still one of the best start for some research of project.
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May he rest in piece.

A true Gentleman who delved in issues that the others were hesitant to deal with.

He was a PIONEER. Historical ancient Greek re-enacting owes a lot to him.

Condolences to his family and friends.
In 1977 my wife and I went to spend a few months in London. First stop was Westminster Abbey, and in the Abbey bookstore I found Peter Connolly's young peoples' books, "The Greek Armies" and "The Roman Armies." The latter in particular was a revelation. For the first time I understood how Roman soldiers actually looked and the progression of their gear through the centuries. I still have both books. How sad to know tht there will be no more such art and writing.
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As expressed elsewhere....
My scincere condolences to all concerened
A great loss
Poor Peter. He was a stalwart of the Durham Roman Army courses from his first attendance in 1972 until a few years ago, when he fell ill at Durham and had to go home. He was a friend of mine, although we lost contact, apart from the exchange of Christmas cards, after his illness. He never admitted to being an artist, insisting that he was an illustrator. And what an illustrator! Anyone who has seen his book 'Greek Legends' and his depiction of Medusa could really believe that the sight of her would turn a person to stone.

A sad loss, indeed. My condolences to Barbara and Matthew. Does anyone know when and where the funeral is to take place?
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farwell Peter....
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