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Roman Saint George | Mercer Park
The 23rd April is Saint George’s Day, the patron saint of England and many other places.

This weekend Comitatus brought this Roman soldier saint back to life, but set him against his perhaps better known personification of a knight of the Temple of Solomon dating to the AD 1170 ish. The whole event gave some of us a chance to portray 12th century soldiers, play with different kit and saddles, and it is not every day we get to work with a dragon.

Our Roman Saint George shot the dragon with an arrow to save the the damsel, while our Templar knight hit the dragon up close and personal.

It was great fun doing something a little different to normal!


Some more photos can be found here:

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Amy Wallace

A member of Comitatus Late Roman
Reconstruction Group
This event taught me a great deal about the differences in Roman hamata and post AD 1066 maille.

Ring mail armour is a fascinating subject and it develops through time. I was wearing two types of mail to show the development and it was light and easy to wear.

Looking forward to getting back to being a Roman though....
John Conyard


A member of Comitatus Late Roman
Reconstruction Group

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