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New Alexander computer game and Persian army
Hi all<br>
I am beta testing a new computer game miniature style with some pretty looking figures. I would like to advocate for some changes in the unit list, especially for the Persian armies, do you have any pictures of Persian units, and more importantly, historical sources on the composition of the Persian army, besides the usual Arrian? <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Aryaman</A> at: 9/1/04 14:24<br></i>
What's the name of the game? (Sorry, the link you gave doesn't seem to be working.) Is it already for sale? <p></p><i></i>
I have fixed the link, please try it again<br>
The game is called Tin Soldiers-Alexander the Great, and units look like miniautures, as the name indicates. It is in beta, and will be released astutely soon after the movie, I presume<br>
There is a list of units in the site <p></p><i></i>
Your soldiers of the Macedonian armies look pretty good but their is strong evidence that Alexanders cloak was purple, not red as it looks.<br>
A good place to start is "Alexander the Great, His Armies and Campaigns 334-323 BC" by Nick Sekunda and John Warry two well respected authorities on the subject published by Osprey military.<br>
The Persians wore Pants that looked alot like pajamas and in fact the persians word for pants is pajamas. The structure of the Persian forces was similar to the structure of that that tried to take Greece in 490 BC.<br>
Good Luck<br>
Looks Good<br>

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