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Is Legion X Fretensis still active?
Hello all!

I am new to this forum, a fantastic one may I say.

I am new to re-enacting, and was looking for a Roman Re-enacting group close to me. I fould the website of the Legion X Fretensis, based out of Houston, TX, and attempted to contact members of the Legion, but my email provider said that the email address listed for many of the members was inactive.

Is anyone on here from the Tenth, or does anyone know how I could reach them? All of their photos and upcoming events are from 2008.

Welcome to the forum, Chris. There is a wealth of information here on getting started. What time period do you want to exhibit? What are your goals in Living History? What are your special interests?
Of course, as you know, clothing, gear and equipment changed with the times during Rome's 1200+ year heyday.

If you need help navigating the dizzying array of topics, or need to learn how to use the resources here, let me know, and I'll help if I can.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
Hello Chris, I am Lee Smithheart a member of Legio XIII Gemina we are located in your area also. I spoke with Terry Nix who is the commander of Legion X Fretensis. His contact info is (281) 484-1315 or [email protected]

Lee Smithheart

Also in your area is the XIII Gemina, they had an event two weeks ago I believe in Zavalla, TX. They number over twenty guys and are former campaigners for American Civil War, World War II and some Rev War and they try to be authentic and still have fun. I have fallen in with them at many an event and they are a great group of guys all, and are located in the Houston, North Houston, Beaumont areas. Just in case you wanna try them as well - or if Terry's boys are not attending an event.

I do have some of their members contact numbers in Houston, all of these guys are good chaps to talk to...

Lee Smithheart 409-920-9023 - Always willing to help
Brian Fitch 254-258-5066 - He is their commander
Dan Knight 713-705-2285 - lives in North Houston

Good Luck and have fun reenacting!

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