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Last Stand illustration
Hope you folks like this one!<br>
Passer-by, tell those back in Sparta...........<br>
<img src=""/> <p></p><i></i>
DeLaChaumette is my 2nd user account name.<br>
That is the way my name was spelled when my first ancestor from France came to America.<br>
Johnny Shumate <p></p><i></i>
Cool, Johnny.<br>
(P.S. I can post on both forums using the same user name. Can't you?) <p></p><i></i>
** Vincula/Lucy **
I bet he originally signed up with a local account and later went back and tried to create a global one and needed a different name? Is that what happened? I've heard others voice their frustration with this eccentricity (e.g. Pompeius/ Ken)... but hey, we know who you are, so no harm done...<br>
And yes, let me also say... Good work!<br>
You know, btw, I'm also looking for an illustrator for a pet project of mine. I wouldn't be able to pay much up front (I'm thinking in terms of perhaps a cut of royalties if its successful) and it's probably more black-and-white line drawings and graphs, so I don't know if it's really your bag, but email me if you're interested...<br>
[email protected] <p></p><i></i>
Yes-That is what happened!<br>
Thanks for the nice comments!<br>
Johnny <p></p><i></i>
I am the guy that AGLArsen was talking about. What happens is that they want you to buy ezsupporter, and for the finacially tight people such as myself who can't afford much else besides food and gas, which is above 2.35 a gallon in Chicago a disgrace, they don't want you to have multiple accounts so you need to create a global one. I wanted to switch to the official name of pompey anyways, but on this site I wanted to be named King Pelops, but was unable to. <p></p><i></i>
"Freedom was at stake- freedom, which whets the courage of brave men"- Titus Livius

Nil recitas et vis, Mamerce, poeta videri.
Quidquid vis esto, dummodo nil recites!- Martial
I am an art enthusiast and illustrator myself. I have been doing it since childhood and I have seen alot of work both comercial and purely academic but what you have done here with this image is an inspiration. My jaw fell open in astonishment the colors the expressions the unusual and penetrating emotion. The pure "Pathos" and "Tharos" of its uniqueness will have me attempting to reach that level of true expression from here onward. Thank You the image is beautiful!!!! Sincerely Konstantine attached is a humble example of my older stuff , hope you like it.
Cool work Guys.
Nice one Konstantine.
Johhny I saw that you read the our post on the "Linothorax thread".
The dead from arrows "bought it" by shots at the exposed parts of their bodies an others from bleeding from lots of minor wounds.
I like though how you made central figure like being "rooted" on the ground refusing even to die.

Kind regards
Nice illustrations! Smile
[size=75:wtt9v943]Susanne Arvidsson

I have not spent months gathering Hoplites from the four corners of the earth just to let
some Swedish pancake in a purloined panoply lop their lower limbs off!
- Paul Allen, Thespian

[Image: partofE448.jpg]
Good picture.
I’d also like to see one where he’s more defiant, maybe holding his weapon up in defiance or something like that.
He knows he going down but tells them to piss-off anyway.
Wow those are awsome pics guys
[Image: hegbanner38ju14tq.jpg]
Nice pic too on your signature Josh.
I imagine who made it, probably read my post on the high crests thread.
Kind regards
I got my sig off a mod that is being made for a game called rome total war they have a few dif sigs and backrounds and stuff u can use there quite good.
[Image: hegbanner38ju14tq.jpg]

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