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Re: Roman rings
Removed by author
Caesar audieritis hoc
Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules. Your post is a violation of forum rule #4. Buying artifacts from the art market destroys history, since 99% of the items are looted, i.e. stolen from unprotected sites. The process in which the looters take the artifacts out of the ground destroy historical context, and is a crime in most countries where the Romans dwelt.
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


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I get your point and have removed it but its fair to say that as far as the rings are concerned the ship has sailed on protecting the sites from plunder. Masses of hungry people looking for a few bucks or Lira to make ends meet found they could do so with metal detectors, thats the origin of the problem. It may not be right but it is. I still treasure what I have and as it was going to be sold right or wrong, prefered it go to me, someone who would appreciate it and treasure it. Having said that, there should be greater protection for archeological sites. Museums don't keep everything they get and often the care taken of artifacts is lacking, but I would say they should have first crack at them to document and do whatever else they do and if they want to make some articles available to purchase, thats their call. Meanwhile, I would hope that national governments would take steps to both protect sites and improve the standard of living of their people so they don't feel the need to plunder sites.
Caesar audieritis hoc

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