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Equipment and troop types in the Anabasis
I am planning to run a sort of Hack n' Slash adventure RPG based on the Anabasis for some friends of m. The problem is that I'm much more familiar with Hellenistic and Roman arms than those preceeding it, which brings me here.

The Hoplite I'm relatively familiar with, so I don't have much to ask in that regard. From my understanding the hoplite provided his own equipment so depending on wealth, regional difference, etc, there would be differences. Generally speaking they would wear a linothorax or possibly a bronze cuirass, bronze helmet (I know the Corinthian type fell out of fashion by this point so I'm not sure what type or styles would be found among the Ten Thousand), and greaves if they could be afforded. He would carry an aspis and dory, possibly with a xiphos for self defence if his spear was broken. Is this more or less correct?

The translation I'm using mentions "Light Infantry" my assumption is that they would be Peltasts, but I don't honestly know. If they are Peltasts, could you give me a briefly summary of what their equipment would be? My understanding is they are essentially javelin armed skirmish troops, but I claim no real knowledge in this area. If they aren't Peltasts why type of troops would they be?

Xenophon also mentions that the Ten Thousand pretty much improvised some cavalry with baggage animals and gathered together some Archers and Slingers (Cretans and Rhodians mostly, IIRC). So for these units what kind of equipment would they likely have? Archers and Slingers having no armor or shield, possibly a helmet or cap? Recurve bows, either native greek or taken from Persians? What about cavalry?

Lastly are there any troops that I'd be missing? Thanks for any help you can give, I know it's a lot to ask. I'm not sure if this is better suited to the gaming subforum or here, so if it is in the wrong place, I apologize.
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