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Gladiator Project - USA
Academy of Knightly Arts in conjunction with ACTA France is bringing you the Gladiator Project. ACTA has the unique situation where they work closely with museums and archeologists to exactly replicate the items used by gladiators because they are able to hold measure and even get xray analysis of the items. Then they don their creations and use them in combat in actual roman arenas throughout southern France. Even though the swords are blunt, the fighting is fierce and the experience is genuine. These guys are professional Gladiators and are led by World JuJitsu Champion Brice Lopez. They performed at the Athens Olympic games and for Ridley Scott at the Colleseum for the world premier of the movie Gladiator.
Using ACTAs guidence the Academy of Knightly Arts will conduct monthly seminars where we will train in similar way as the gladiators in the 1st century AD did (we think). We will talk about how and why they fought, work on accurate gear and eventually put on gladiatorial spectacles and bring new people into the Familia Gladitoria. We may even get to go to France and battle the ACTA gladiators in the actual roman arenas!

Cost for each seminar is only $10 and will be held on Feb 18th. Then they will be held on the first saturday of each month from noon til 5pm. Once each person knows their gladiatorial role (what kind of gladiator will you be?), we will work on gear - you cover the costs, we give you our years of expertise in making it and the tools to do it. You dont have to make every single seminar but repeat attendance is suggested to get the most out of your experience!Contact us now to reserve your space at [email protected] or call at 978-239-2545

More information can be found on our facebook page-

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Where will these US seminars be held?
I think that's a Massachusetts number?
Max Little
Yes, the Academy of Knightly Arts is in Amesbury Massachussets.

Definatly find us on FB!/...354905219/

and join in our discussions and project development!

our next meeting is May 12th from noon to 5pm
Hi Jeremy, nice to see you here on RAT as well. Pics on FB are looking good so far.
Best of luck top your up and coming Ludus.
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany

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