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Anyone still doing \"Rome\" in the DC area?
So, not a beginner in Roman history/archaeology per se, but have been feeling the need to get involved in a bigger way at some point for a while now. I know Legio XX is/was in the DC region, but I was wondering if anybody on RAT is still part of Legio XX, or know of anyone doing Roman era reenactment/living history events in the area?

I haven't been to a living history event since I was a child, but it seems to me that 99.99% of the scene stateside is 98% Civil War, and maybe 1% Revolution. Thanks for the info!
Hi Alexander,

Legio XX is alive and well, still in the DC area (Laurel, Md.) Great group of people. The easiest way of getting a hold of them is to email Matt Amt through the Legio XX site. They hold regular fabrica (workshops) where people get together to work on personal/group projects. Primarily Roman/Greek, but a healthy (obsessive) interest in the Bronze Age and other (Celts) are represented also.
Would love to hear from you or meet you at a fabrica.

Yeah they're still around. I've been to a few Legio XX Fabricae when I was in the MD area. Matt's too nutty to quit reenactment Tongue
Members of the XX are coming up to the Penn Museum in Philadelphia on the 18th of April to participate in the celebration of Rome's birthday. There will be folks from other legions there as well so why not come by? Wear a tunic and I'll get you into the museum for free! The gladiator group will be on one side of the gardens and we'll be on the other side. We'll have the largest range of swords and helmets to handle than you've ever seen at one event in the US as well as armor and shields. At the very least you'll get a good idea of what you'll want to acquire when you create your own impression.
Joe Balmos
Are you in XX or XXIV?
Salvatore Caretti, Legio IX Hispana
Yes, Legio XX is still active: just had a fabrica last weekend, as a matter of fact. We do a lot with the Virginia school Latin programs, which are very large compared to the rest of the US. And yes, we're doing the U Penn birth of Rome this Saturday. PM me for more details, and to get invites.

In fact, our house where we do most fabrica, is now on Google Streetview with our standard and me standing in the carport.

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Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
I am in the XX since 2000, And one of the earliest members on RAT.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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