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I have just purchased Marcus Junkelmann's book ... Gladiatoren. Lovely book but as I am not a German speaker I was wondering if there are any English translations out there, or if there are plans for an English publication.
As discussed elsewhere here in this Ancient Combat Section there should have been a translation of Junkelmann's book into English but this so far hasn't happened and there are no plans to do so at the moment. (The same unfortunately with Dario Battaglia's book which is available only in Italian and was supposedly to be translated into German and English).

For further reading on gladiators I could recommend the following books which you find on my website:

sorry to barge in but from that list (or not), in English, do you have any specific recommendation? I've always wanted to learn more about Gladiators and the Roman games but there are lots of options and I always feel a bit lost. I'm looking for something not too academic but understandable and informative for a newcomer to the subject. I've recently read "The Complete Roman Army" from Adrian Goldsworthy and really enjoyed it, so something in the same style would be nice.

Thank you for the help.
Hi Andre,

well, my personal favorite introduction would be Shadrake. But Junkelmann as well as Nossov also have some interesting stuff in them, as well as Fik Meijers book. Are you more interested in the fighting part, or how a day at the 'games' would look like?
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I would personally recommend Nossov as his writing is a little less repetitive as Shadrake. The Illustrations in Nossov are also quite good and he often summarizes and quotes from the 2000 edition of Junkelmann.
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I would also recommend the book by Shadrake as well as the book by Philip Matyszak though the latter scratches more on the surface but is written in a very entertaining way.
Thank you all for your input and suggestions.

For now I would like to focus on the Gladiators, their origins and evolution through time, so based on your opinions and the books you suggested, I'll probably go for "The World of Gladiator" by Shadrake first - reviews are good and sounds exactly like what I want. Nossov's book seems great too, so I'll keep an eye open for it, in case there's a good deal.

I had no idea that Philip Matyszak had such "funny" books. I finished reading "Chronicle of the Roman Republic: The Rulers of Ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus" from him just 1 month ago and thought it was very informative as an introduction to this period.

Anyway, thank you for your help, I appreciate it.
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