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Portrait in Roman Costume

I am a qualified artist who specialises in producing pictures with a historic theme. Although my website shows only buildings, I can actually portray persons in period costume.

I have actually decided to concentrate on the Roman theme, and the blueprint I have in mind is to exhibit paintings within art galleries along Hadrian's Wall in the near future (like at Tullie House in Carlisle or the gallery in Corbridge), or anywhere in the UK of Roman significance.

So if anyone fancies the idea of having themselves portrayed in Roman military uniform, then please let me know and I will be very interested to hear from you. For further details and contacts, please visit my website at

Vale, Appius Licinius Calvus.
Nice work! Do you have examples of military armor? You should post some Smile Or you could post the paintings of the ruins you have on your website. Cheers!
Thank you DiAnne for your message which you sent this morning.

I am just completing a picture of the Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum and I am due to start a painting of myself in Roman legionary uniform.

Thank you also for the nice compliments regarding the work I have done up to now. Such compliments are the sort of gesture that keeps me going.

Best Regards, Appius.
Well, I wouldn't mind a record of some of the items of kit I have spent my time collecting.
It seems a waste of time and moeny, if you don't get a flattering image of yourself in kit sometime. :roll:
Many people manage to promote themselves by only posting the best images of themselves, and have the benefit of choosing less flattering ones of other people to post with them. :wink:
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Thanks Gaius and salvete,

Welcome to my Roman world, and I know you post quite regularly on this site.

Whatever it is you might want me to draw or paint (and in-keeping with the Roman theme), the items you've been telling me about being by no means any exception, I am happy to arrange with you over that.

Best Regards, valete, Appius.

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