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Avar gorget mentioned in the Maurikios Strategikon
In the Strategikon of Maurikios there is this passage about the armour of the Avars which made me really rack my brain over till now. Especially because I think it would be important for the construction of the helmet padding and I realy like to go on with working on the paddingcap for my avar impression so I can finally build my Spangenfeder-helmet after the Kertsch-helmet-pattern.

Here it is: ‎"...peritrachelia stroggula, kata to ton Abaron schema, en taxei krossion linoun exothen kai esothen ereoun."
Word by word as, it was told to me: "...gorget round, according to the avarian pattern, with arrangement fringe, linen outside and wool inside."
So first I was thinking of a traditional gorget like the soldiers wearing at the mosaik of Abraham and Melkizadek (Men-at-Arms (Oseprey), Romano-Byzantine Armies 4th-9th Centuries, page 16 depiction 1, and of course I do know it's dated about more than a century before the arrival of the Avar Khaganate in the ukrainian steppe), in combination with an padded chainmailsquare hanging in the neckpart of the helmet.

Then I thought about a simple paddingcap with an cut-out for the face or the eyes like it must be worn under the chainmailadditon of the helmets of the "victorious chieftain" depicted at vase 2 of the gold treasure of Nagyszentmiklos/Sinicolau mare and the relief of Khosrow II. at Tagh-e-Bostan, because he's shown in the slightly gokturkic-influenced, late sasanian combat dress.

But there's a Cap, described as beeing of iranian origin, I've seen at some reconstruction-drawings about 6th/7th century byzantine cavalryman like this modelfigure is wearing it.

So my question is, does anyone know something about the original sources to this piece, which makes me remember to the iberian sinewcap in 3rd and 2nd century bc vasedepictions.

kind regards, Stephan
Hi, wow - really good staff, but i am sorry i don't know anything about the orig. evidence of this cap-helmet. Sounds interessting your new impression!!

I like LH
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