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Carthaginian armor and impression
Impressions of two Barcid soldiers: a Rab Miat (commander) and a Veteran.
Both are equipped with weapon captured from the romans at Trebia, while the Rab Miat has a Phrygian helmet (known in the Carthaginian context for the Egades finding -even if quite incomplete-).



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Gioal Canestrelli "Caturix"

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"The Sardo-Lybians travel just with a kylix for drink the wine, and a machaira" (FGrHist 90 F 103r; 4 F 67)

The rectangular cardiophylax is a PROPOSAL, linked to italic armors and also Mount Prama Sardinian sculptures (we know they are far more ancient).
The machaira and the kylix are copies from Sardo-Lybian necropolis in Santa Lucia di Gesico (Sardinia) and Tharros.
The Montefortino helmet is the only helmet dated III b.C. found in Sardinia (could be both Roman or local).

The animal skin is from a muflon, a wild goat characteristic of Sardinia


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Gioal Canestrelli "Caturix"

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vey nice really nice

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